Saturday, December 02, 2006


A few weeks ago, I was driving a car on the passenger seat. Driving down the road until I noticed there was a river. The car was running quite fast that it was too late for me to press the breaks and fell to the river. I thought I'm going to die then so I prayed to God and thank Him for my life. There was the darkness. Stillness. Silence. I was waiting for the light, waiting for heaven. Then I heard sounds, voices, noise. I opened my eyes and realize I just woke up from a very distrubing dream. It was my first time to dream something like it.

While reflecting on it, I realize why didn't I even bother to struggle or to swim out of the car? Instead, I just accepted it as it is. I was just in the car waiting for my time to come.

To answer my own question, I must be curious of what's there in the afterlife.


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