Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Today's News: Mwahahaha! Those swindlers deserve it! May you all rot in jail.
Just last year, those credit card swindlers visited our shop. They bought 30 bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue (market value = P 4500.00 per bottle) and dive computers that costs about 10,000-30,000 pesos using fraudulent credit cards. They also visited other dive shops around Makati and bought the same thing. I wasn't there to see how those f*cking bastards look like. My sister was there. There was something suspicious about them. We didn't have enough stock available in the store. We asked for their address so we could deliver it, but they refused. They prefer to pick it up in the store. My sister was already suspicious about them. They came back the next day to pick up the goods. Armed with digi cam, she took their pictures and their car's plate number. Unfortunately, she missed the face^_^;;; After a week, the bank called and informed us about the fraud.
Recently, they swindled P 80,000 worth of groceries in Rustan's. There they met their fate. mwahahahaha. I don't care whether they were or weren't the one who went to our store. We were victimized by these organized crimes and as victims, we are happy that justice is served.
In their many years in business, my parents have seen lots of different fraud techniques. Some will ask you to deliver the goods to one corner and collect the money in another corner. After leaving them to collect the money, they will run away with the goods. Some will confuse you with change. Some will pay in cheque that would later bounce.
There are really lots of technique. That's why my parents are very cautious when it comes to goods and money matters. If somebody near us was swindled, they would lecture and remind us right away about their experiences and recent swindling techniques. That's why, we are not easily fooled by anybody.
a chat between my achi (older sister) and my shoti (younger brother) about the fruit juicer. Shoti is in Canada for about a year already. This isn't the actual chat between them but it's more of my summary of their chat.

achi: bumili na ba kayo ng fruit juicer?
shoti: yup
achi: paano mo nilagay yung carrot sa juicer?
shoti: you top it, tail it, wash it, slice it, and then juice away!
whoa! my shoti is speaking to us in english. I know there's nothing wrong in speaking the language. It's just it's my shoti. We usually speak in tagalog and we're used to that. From that convesation alone, he is beginning to sound like a coñoboy. Hehe.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Wall climbing is tiring. I feel I lose my sense of touch. I can't hold my things properly, as if my hands are numb. But it's fun though. Not fun when you're on your way to the top, but when you're back on the ground, you'll think it's fun...hehehe.
~ mind is not working anymore. Need to sleep. Gusto ko pa magsulat pro antok na ako.

Friday, February 13, 2004

I felt guilty waking my dad up so early at 2am because of the *bwisit* stomach pain. It's not the usual pain of wanting to defecate nor and ulcer pain, coz it involves all parts of my stomach. The pain was something like there are knots in your intestines. I waited for some time for it to subside because I don't want to disturb my parents from their sleep. It didn't subside but it went worse. So, I woke my dad up because I can't take the pain anymore. When we arrived at the hospital, the pain subsided. $heeSH. Anyway, nevermind that. My dad didn't feel well too. For that whole day, he didn't felt well and he tolerated it, not wanting to visit the doctor. Maybe my stomachache was a good thing. I was thinking, maybe God, through my stomach pain, was telling my dad to see the doctor. ehehe...God communicates with us in a very unusual way.... The doctor checked his blood pressure and it was very high. It must be the stress and the lack of sleep (plus his bad eating habits, of course....argh....his unstoppable appetite!) that made him feel dizzy. I think that's the sign of a near heart attack.

Me and my dad have so much in common. the walk, the face, the attitude, and including sickness :( (except for the heart disease...buti nalng)

My parents aren't getting any younger. And I, so young and full of energy, am being unproductive:( At this time, we should be the one managing our business already and my parents having the time of their lives, relaxing and enjoying life. It's time for them to rest after working so hard for many years already. I'll remind myself that constantly. Be productive!


This guy is pretty interesting. I haven't met someone like him. He is a good conversationalist. He can make the speaker feel comfortable with him. Looking forward to those little chat again ^_^. Hope we can become good friends.


Filipino guys vs. Chinese guys in general
Filipino guys are much friendlier than Chinese. Chinese guys are snob. They will not talk to you unless they're interested in you or they need something from you. If you tried to communicate with them, the'll just answer in one sentence or a word. Chinese guys are cold. hehe. (like me)

side note: i'm not complaining. just an observation.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

feeling sick. ugh. first it was cough. now it's my ankle....arhg! this is killing me. After coughing hard for 3 weeks, my left ankle is swelling. My dad has this kind of symptoms too. Redness, pain, heat and swelling, usually in toe or ankle. He said it is gout, some kind of athritis(sp?). It is common to people who have high uric acid. Purine rich foods can increase your uric acid. But I don't remember eating purine rich foods anyway (which includes beans, tofu, nuts, etc.) I went to intercon lab. to take a blood test. The results were normal. My uric acid level is normal. Cholesterol level is normal. But after taking my results to my doctor, she said I should have taken urinalysis too, which I thought would be useless....hay....because sometimes blood test isn't enough to see if my uric acid is high or not.

This wasn't the first time it happened to me. The last time was....I think last 2 years. I didn't took it seriously....but this time...I will.

Hirap magkasakit. From now on, I will try to have a healthy diet....*sniff* which means, no more soya milk( favorite), no more crabs, shrimps, and other seafoods (except fish of course....thank goodness), peanuts, etc.