Wednesday, September 02, 2009

After planning for weeks, the trip pushed through. We went to Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa for approximately 2000 km. It was fun trip but tiring, but Matt does most of the driving.

We went to Gananoque first for Matt's paintball tourney. We left TO at around 430 am. It was raining the whole morning. Quite scary for a 3-hour long drive on a strong rainshower. Thank God, nothing bad happened after a few skidding. After waiting for Matt to finish his paintball tournament at Gananoque, we head to Montreal. It is a 2 hour drive from Gananoque. The rain quieted down and stopped. Thank God.

We dined at a very famous French restaurant Au Pied de Cochon. We had a good meal, can't say the best. I got high expectation on this because of all the raves and reviews of the restaurant. I guess my taste is more of an Asian cuisine than French. But it was a fun experience eating foie gras for the first time. We had cromequis de foie gras (quite good), poutine au foie gras (quite salty for me, but good nonetheless), accras de morue (very good), and the most popular duck in a can (the best. juicy duck meat, appealing herb and spices). This is my most expensive dinner I ever had.

The next day, we went to Biodome and the Botanical Garden. We were there for the whole day. Ate lunch with bagel and tzaziki we bought in the morning. When newly cooked and hot, the bagel is so yummy, expecially dipping it with cold tzaziki. Wow. Glorious.

Our day went from great to good when it rained in the afternoon when we're at the Botanical garden. Last time I went to Montreal, It was also raining. Sigh. Good thing now, I don't have wet feet. Haha.

After Botanical Garden, we went to St. Laurent for the famous Schwart's smoked meat. Quite expensive but it was a great meal. We had Sandwich, coke and fries. Smoke meat tasted great especially with mustard. After tasting the smoked meat, I wanted to take some home. So coming back from Quebec city, we searched for walmart or store for a cooler. Spend around 1 hour for just cooler and finally brought one at Walmart, together with ice. Bought 3 pound for ourselves and 1 pound for Matt's friend April in Ottawa.

Arriving at Ottawa, we dined at Blue Cactus. The food is good. I ordered Fetucinni Alfredo. After eating, we walked around the Parliament Hill to watch the light and sounds show and take some pictures and retire for the night.

Next day, we visited the parliament hill again and went inside. It has a beautiful architecture. The stone walls are made from limestones, where you can also see traces of some fossils. The stone is cold and beautiful. Afterwards, we rode up the Peace Tower and took some pictures. Lunchtime, we ate at Koreana. It was a nice meal. I was so full. Afterwards, we head back to Toronto for a 5 hour drive, due to traffic. It should be around 4 hours only.

Overall, we had fun with this trip. I just wish my whole family or friends are with me too to tour around. It would definitely be more memorable and fun.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I miss Philippines

I miss Philippines a lot. From friends to family gatherings, to new malls and places to go. I miss everything...except for excessive corruption. I hope this coming election the masses will vote wisely and vote someone who can bring about change in the country. I pray that vote cheaters be caught and punished ever so severely. I pray that charter change will not push through and have GMA rule longer. I pray that this moment will come. I will wait for it.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Year End

Im taking a week vacation from work. That means, I wont see our "pambansang bayani" and "wally", the nicknames of our obsessive compulsive bosses, christened by zany co-workers of mine. Yey!
I can feel the spirit of christmas this year although we've spent our Christmas at our store. Yes! We were open on Christmas day. This is the only season our sales pick-up. We wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to earn big bucks^___^
While watching the late night "Bandila", I was surprised to see we were on the news. The bread store beside us were selling fruitcakes, but they're not selling like pancakes, tradition wise. Wines were. I was estatic to see our wines on TV. Although its just a swift 15 sec news about us. The footage was shown again the next day on TV Patrol. This time, approx 5 secs longer^__^ . Ooh I wish I was there.
Ooh. Krispy Kreme opened in Taguig just Nov 30. The lines were soooooooooooooooooooo long. Filipinos who lived in US for a long time would know what these doughnuts are even though they're more expensive than Gonuts donuts. Everybody's just crazy about it now. Best to buy them in the afternoon when the lines aren't that long.
I attended Hillsong concert last Nov 21. I had the worship time of my life. I enjoyed it. The last time I've been to a concert was Boyzone. But this concert is different. There are no screaming fangirls. Just plain worship to glorify our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ
At the end of September, Milenyo swept Metro Manila. Including our car. Well, almost. A big branch broke off the tree and fell incidentally on our car's windshield, which until now is still there. We havn't had the time to get it fixed. I got kinda excited at the though of having experienced the strong gust of wind, feeling it first the same time scared coz anything can happen. And after many years of inaccurate prediction, causing suppended classes on sunny weather, PAGASA was able to raise its flag and gave a precise prediction. Good job!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


A few weeks ago, I was driving a car on the passenger seat. Driving down the road until I noticed there was a river. The car was running quite fast that it was too late for me to press the breaks and fell to the river. I thought I'm going to die then so I prayed to God and thank Him for my life. There was the darkness. Stillness. Silence. I was waiting for the light, waiting for heaven. Then I heard sounds, voices, noise. I opened my eyes and realize I just woke up from a very distrubing dream. It was my first time to dream something like it.

While reflecting on it, I realize why didn't I even bother to struggle or to swim out of the car? Instead, I just accepted it as it is. I was just in the car waiting for my time to come.

To answer my own question, I must be curious of what's there in the afterlife.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Work Rants

I'm starting to get tired of my work. I no longer enjoy my work as I did before. The boss2 is starting to get into my nerves. Just his mere presence at my table irates me a lot. He sits there watching what I am doing and all of the sudden "Hey! what are you doing? I want this, that. Do this. Do that. Is it possible to blah blah blah...?" when he doesnt even understand what I am trying to do. I am not yet even finished with what I am doing. Sheesh! And his OCness is killing me. Ahh! Someone save meee!
They have plans to transfer the designer's workstation near boss2's table! OH PULEEEEZ! I will be an underwater erupting volcano that can measure 7 at richter scale after a month or two. Not bad eh? Just seven...hehe. I am not too evil.
When I was starting, I was able to say to my co-worker that I enjoyed my work here. It was such a great feeling. I feel like playing then because he wasn't there..haha!

Friday, October 27, 2006

I’ve been working with an IT outsourcing company for several months already. At first I really enjoyed working there. I learned a lot of new tricks, a nice guy though me how and there’s a girl I could talk to. Now, the girl left, leaving me the only girl now for several months and counting. I am not comfortable talking with guys and I consciously have built a wall around me. The wall is getting higher and higher. My life is staring to get draggy.I want to demolish the wall but I simply can’t do it. I don’t know how to break it. Perhaps it needs a bulldozer from the outside to break it down.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Before I went to Canada last Sept 15, Faith and Ricky accompanied me to G4. I haven't have fun playing games at timezone for a very long time. It was a very memorable day for me. They made it special and I feel happy and blessed. I've spent a lot on food and games, thinking I won't have this much much fun in Canada for 3 or more months. It was worth it. Thank you guys!