Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Work Rants

I'm starting to get tired of my work. I no longer enjoy my work as I did before. The boss2 is starting to get into my nerves. Just his mere presence at my table irates me a lot. He sits there watching what I am doing and all of the sudden "Hey! what are you doing? I want this, that. Do this. Do that. Is it possible to blah blah blah...?" when he doesnt even understand what I am trying to do. I am not yet even finished with what I am doing. Sheesh! And his OCness is killing me. Ahh! Someone save meee!
They have plans to transfer the designer's workstation near boss2's table! OH PULEEEEZ! I will be an underwater erupting volcano that can measure 7 at richter scale after a month or two. Not bad eh? Just seven...hehe. I am not too evil.
When I was starting, I was able to say to my co-worker that I enjoyed my work here. It was such a great feeling. I feel like playing then because he wasn't there..haha!

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