Monday, September 08, 2003

Conscious: Bowling with my friends last saturday was fun! hehe. I did a lot of spares and strikes. I was the highest scorer. I didn't expect myself to be that good in bowling because I know I really suck at it...ehehe. Furthermore, the ambience was great. Disco lights were dancing around, bowling pins were glowing and the music was great. Nice gimmick to justify an expensive fee, Heh!

Subconscious: Ok, I did a little bit of exaggerating. I only did a couple of strikes and a few spares. Lolo (not gramps. it's just a nick of my friend.) was the highest scorer in the first game, and I, in the second game. ^_^; The games made a hole in my wallet. *sniff* I think I shall never play there again.

C: I've been attending French class this past few weeks. I'm still having a hard time studying it. Drats, why is it so hard to learn French?

SC: Patience and practice. That's what I need. Learn the language step by step and try to speak French at home (never mind if I sound crazy. lol).

C: Yosh! School's gonna start by next week. Oh boy, I'm getting excited.

SC: Right. That means I will be getting home late. What an ugly schedule I got! Hmp!