Friday, September 26, 2003

First day of school (Sept 15), two words to summarize it: CULTURE SHOCKED

1. I am used to see Chinese people around me. Yes, I wasn't expecting plenty of Chinese in school because it's a Filipino school. But then, my eyes are used to see Chinese peeps.

2. I felt uncomfortable with the people in school. I felt out of place. (But thank goodness, at least I found one person I am comfortable with.)

3. I don't know anyone and I feel nervous.

4. (Heard from the teacher telling a story) There are cases in csb which I never had heard of happening in cksc.


After 2 weeks

I'm feeling good. I'm getting used to it. ^_^ I'm also beginning to love my subjects especially COLORTE and DRAFTNG. Weeee~


Earthquake in Japan. I hope Aiks and her dad are OK and are far from the affected areas.


Bazaar again Today ;_; I just hope we'll have good sales


Training to become a wine salesman. ¬_¬; (doesn't suit my shy and quiet personality to become a salesman though, but I will try to become one.)