Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Today, I ate like a king ^_^. I had a hearty buffet breakfast at a first class hotel. The best part about it is that we don't have to pay a cent because it was sponsored. There's the usual breakfast food items: hash brown, corned beef, bacon, Milk and cereal, gourmet breads, juices etc..and oooh...I tried this Swiss museilli (sp?) ah..... Imagine a variety of mouth watering foods prepared by world class chefs...whoa....hehehe. I ate to my heart and stomach's contentment.
Life taste good, when there's food. Taste best when, not a cent spent. (trying to rhyme ehehehe...^_^;;;)

I have to wake up at 4:30 early in the morning (and I wanted to continue sleeping then) just to accompany my dad to bring a visitor to the airport. And I say, it's all worth it because of (read above paragraph ^_^;)