Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Im planning to go back to school ^_^ Yeah! I want to take a second course.

Aiya, these past 4 years, I've been wasting my time studying a course (Marketing) that I don't really like. As if it was my first choice. I was a former Accountancy student. But I shifted due to I did not pass in the qualifying exam. Sigh. I still love accounting up to now.

I will be taking Multimedia Arts. Reasons: I have thoughts of taking a second course (preferably computer course) since last year. My choices are either programming or multimedia. I do like to learn how to use JAVA, V.Basic, C++ languages, but I don't have the patience to learn these things (ya know, im a typical youth of today who wants anything instant :D). Multimedia arts is less complex. It's fun to play with adobe photoshop. And lastly, I can bring this to Canada (tho i have to study again, i guess).

I can imagine myself doing flyers, brochures, advertising materials etc. in the future.

Not a bad choice. ^_^

I just hope the school will credit all of my minor subjects. (an impossibility)
But I don't mind if they didn't credit ACCT 102 & 304. I would love to take it again. Just don't let me take Filipino subjects^_^;;;

I wonder what happened to Aik's boyfriend. A sudden change of attitude, but to a better one. ^_^
Hopefully, that is for good.