Monday, July 28, 2003

I saw my former biology professor Dr. Go! I was happy to see him again. He's one of my favorite professors at the Chiang Kai Shek College. Yes, I must be weird for having him on my list. He ain't that bad anyway. My friends hate him. Some students hate him. It's because of his unerving attitude. He'll loudly embarass the student in front of the class when he's annoyed with the student's action. I got to be his victim once or maybe twice. The first was he saw me snickering while others were serious (I don't remember why I was snickering back then but I know there's a valid reason ^_^) then he suddenly accused me of insanty. Saying I'm laughing while others were dead serious. I must be sira ulo or crazy, and needed to be placed in a psychiatric ward. Second, I was almost always late for his 7 AM class (imagine taking an early jeepney ride from Makati to Tondo, Manila everyday. Very far indeed) He'll lock the door when he wants to.

Despite all that, I see him as a great professor. He knows his topic well, he discuss the topic in a way everybody (at least for me) understands. I learned a lot from him. I was a very industrious student during that time...^_^; Always at the library doing assignments (because I'm afraid of recitation. He'll call students to recite randomly. If you can't answer, you're doomed.)

Before everything started, The phone ring woke me up from my deep slumber. A customer, identified himself as Dr. Go, looking for my mom. Asking where she is, and the location of our house. After hearing Makati, he suggested to deliver the wines to his place, Dasmarinas Village. I had no idea who he was.

The next thing I did was to chat with my brother on the opposite side of the earth. I can hear my sister calling me, telling me to get ready because we're the one's who'll be opening the Makati store today. We're late (as usual). Then, the phone rings. It's mom, telling me to go to Divisoria to bring something. O oh, sis has to open the store by herself. Tsk Tsk.

Shortly after I accomplished the task, I asked my mother about Dr. Go. She showed me his business card, and to my surprise, It's my former professor! Asst. to the Consul General of Rep. of Vanuatu.

So I joined the delivery to see ang greet him. It was a nice meeting. Happy!!! Too bad, he didn't remember my name, but I know, I looked familiar to him.