Monday, March 07, 2005

Last Saturday, I went to Ongpin to shop with my dad for CCTV. We hopped from store to store, canvassing for a good quality and price for it. I feel good walking around Ongpin because it makes me feel very chinese...hehe. Then, we happened to enter my former CKSC classmate's store. I was kinda shocked coz I didn't recognized her at first (and I forgot her name...but did got to know her name later on). We chatted a little and my dad inquired a lot (about CCTV). After getting some information needed, we scouted to another CCTV store. I met another CKSC classmate again. I was kinda shock, again. Hehe. I was thinking, "Whoa, am I inside the CKSC compound?". This time, I remembered his (my classmate, Davidson) name. He was also the one who supplied me the name of the girl(Ellen) in the first store we last visited. It was nice meeting a fellow schoomate outside school whom I haven't seen for a long time. I feel so at home at Binondo because everywhere I go, I will surely meet and say "hi" to someone I know. It makes me feel friendly...hehe.
Just remembered something that happened last 2004. my best buddy Aiko happened to meet Jonnel in Makati while driving her Revo to pick me up. He was driving too, on his way to who knows what...hehe. On our way to Binondo to pick up some fresh breads, we happen to see Jonnel's van again on the street. Hehe. What a coincidence. Same day, same morning. Just an hour of difference from the first meeting.

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