Friday, March 04, 2005

I've been thinking of what good story to create that would be easy for me to do with 2 people, 1 place on a low budget (or none at all...hehe) but this is driving me nuts! Argh! My brain is sleeping....hard! It wont wake up no matter how hard I pound my head. Dammit. I've got to think of a good story before the deadline or else.... goodbye to my beautiful record of no failing grades.....sniff
Maybe the actors should be the last thing I should worry about because I could call on my friends or maybe just pick anyone from the streets...hehe. Oh well, I worried for nothing. Such a waste of time. I should have shifted my mind from worrying to creating a good story
After shooting my process video exercise, I realize shooting video is fun. Well, provided that you have good set of actors and actresses who are willing to act in front of the camera.~Last week, I've been doing nothing but watching Korean movies. Korean movies are great but I think I've overdone it. I watched too much Korean movies that I neglected my projects. Must work double time from this time onward.

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