Monday, March 08, 2004

Last saturday, I had such a great time. We're supposed to attend a friend's bday party but since they started late, aiks and I decided to greet him happy birthday, leave the gift and left.

Feeling hungry, we ate first before we went home. First stop was Bizu. They had such tasty desserts that I've never eaten something like it. It was heavenly, but very expensive. :( If only they weren't that expensive, I could have ordered another piece. Not having enough, we entered another restaurant Banana leaf Curry. The food was good but it doesn't taste anything special plus expensive too.
Grabe. Even there were only 2 of us, we're so noisy. We were laughing most of the time. She has been out of the country for 10 days and now she's back loaded with lots of stories and bloopers straight from Japan. I just can't stop laughing at that time. She also brough me home some chocolates too. How I love those chocolates...yummy!
This one's the funniest! Teehee. An excerpt from "Mga Kwento Ni Aiko sa Japan."

An american missionary called the Japanese missionary couple in their house.

American Missionary: Hello, Mrs. ____ may I speak to your husband?
Japanese wife: Just a moment, I change my husband.

The wife didn't know what it meant until that day. She always say "I change my husband" for quite some time already, instead of saying "I'll call my husband."