Friday, February 13, 2004

I felt guilty waking my dad up so early at 2am because of the *bwisit* stomach pain. It's not the usual pain of wanting to defecate nor and ulcer pain, coz it involves all parts of my stomach. The pain was something like there are knots in your intestines. I waited for some time for it to subside because I don't want to disturb my parents from their sleep. It didn't subside but it went worse. So, I woke my dad up because I can't take the pain anymore. When we arrived at the hospital, the pain subsided. $heeSH. Anyway, nevermind that. My dad didn't feel well too. For that whole day, he didn't felt well and he tolerated it, not wanting to visit the doctor. Maybe my stomachache was a good thing. I was thinking, maybe God, through my stomach pain, was telling my dad to see the doctor. ehehe...God communicates with us in a very unusual way.... The doctor checked his blood pressure and it was very high. It must be the stress and the lack of sleep (plus his bad eating habits, of course....argh....his unstoppable appetite!) that made him feel dizzy. I think that's the sign of a near heart attack.

Me and my dad have so much in common. the walk, the face, the attitude, and including sickness :( (except for the heart disease...buti nalng)

My parents aren't getting any younger. And I, so young and full of energy, am being unproductive:( At this time, we should be the one managing our business already and my parents having the time of their lives, relaxing and enjoying life. It's time for them to rest after working so hard for many years already. I'll remind myself that constantly. Be productive!


This guy is pretty interesting. I haven't met someone like him. He is a good conversationalist. He can make the speaker feel comfortable with him. Looking forward to those little chat again ^_^. Hope we can become good friends.


Filipino guys vs. Chinese guys in general
Filipino guys are much friendlier than Chinese. Chinese guys are snob. They will not talk to you unless they're interested in you or they need something from you. If you tried to communicate with them, the'll just answer in one sentence or a word. Chinese guys are cold. hehe. (like me)

side note: i'm not complaining. just an observation.