Saturday, May 01, 2004

We have discovered a cheaper way to communicate with my family and relatives in Canada. We don't have to make screwy international calls nor have to worry about our damn telephone bill when calling them to Canada. 2 weeks ago, Shirley arrived from Canada and had something for us from my brother. It's a DVG 1120 Broadband voice gateway. The only problem was....How the hell could we get it working!!!

(My sister and I) We looked for an AVR to plug in the 110v voice gateway or VoIP, set aside the necessary cables then we followed the instruction manual. But nothing happened from following the instruction manual. So, we tried other possible connections to make the status light, from blinking red, to steady green. But nothing, we couldn't just get it working. Frustrated, we didn't bother to make it work anymore and left it to dust.

2 weeks later, my brother called us from Canada and told us we better make it work coz he has been paying for the subscription fee already. He gave us a site and found out, there was an additional instructions to follow! hmp. (That's why we can't make it work coz we have to make some configurations.)

Finally, the status light turned green. Yippee! Only one problem left. The phone and the phone line. Where will we dial the phone number if the line is connected from the wall jack to the VoIP??? The three of us were arguing and shouting like crazy and we kept on repeating what my sis and I have said earlier because my bro didn't understood our situation. He just wasn't listening. If there's someone watching us, he/she'll definitely think we were angry or maybe, crazy, but actually, we're not. Finally, after fiery arguments and deafening shoutings with my lil bro, we finally got it!!! Yun pala, we need another cable to connect the phone to the VoIP. Sheesh! Hindi man lang sinabi. We weren't told about needing a new cable for that. But anyway, the fruit of our labor is sweet...heehee. We can talk to them as long as we want to without worrying expensive international phone calls. Because using this VoIP is like we are living in Canada. So it's Canada to Canada. Local Canadian rates apply.
Just thought of a slogan:

Technology : Breaking barriers.